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About the PAC

The striking architecture of the Performing Arts Centre is a landmark in Ivanhoe. 

Built on the corner of Upper Heidelberg Road and Noel Street, the PAC sits directly opposite the magnificent Art Deco Centre Ivanhoe, formerly the Ivanhoe Town Hall. The PAC was opened in 1996 by the Honourable Richard McGarvie, Governor of Victoria AC, QC.

Stained Glass Window

The stunning stained glass window was designed by architect Bryan Dowling and glass specialist John Devitt.

The design depicts the winding path of life, overlaid onto five circles. The circles represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, with the fifth and top circle representing knowledge.

The window is 7.5 metres high and 1.5 metres wide and contains almost two tonnes of steel framework. It took four people two months to complete.

The Organ

The Performing Arts Centre Organ was built by the highly-regarded Knud Smenge in 1998.

The organ is two metres long, has two keyboards, 12 stops, a pedalboard and 714 pipes. The voicing leads, especially in the reeds, towards eighteenth century French practice.  Although modest in size, it is suitable for performing most of the important works composed for the organ.